Extension Appointments


Thank you for booking your Extension Service with me. I would suggest washing or rinsing the extension hair beforehand, to avoid irritation on the scalp or skin. Specifically, extension hair for crochet services or marley twists (reggae braids), as those can cause irritation in some cases. Some people use a light shampoo or apple cider vinegar for their rinse solution. I have some rules for how your hair should be prepared before I arrive for your appointment.
Your hair should be thoroughly cleansed, conditioned, detangled and stretched out.

CLEANSING: We will have a discussion beforehand to see if you should use a clarifying shampoo or a moisturising shampoo before your appointment. For the most part, I prefer you use a clarifying shampoo right before installing extensions, simply because you want to make sure your hair is thoroughly cleansed. Some people, even opt to do an apple cider vinegar rinse and follow up with a moisturising shampoo before conditioning the hair.

CONDITIONER: Please use a moisturising conditioner or a hair mask.

How To Stretch Out Your Hair:

There are a few ways to do this. A simple, efficient, and effective way of doing this is after cleansing and conditioning, place a leave-in conditioner in your hair, along with an oil and/or butter. Section your hair into large sections, and two-strand twist your hair. This is a great way to stretch out your hair for extensions. Your hair should be dry for your appointment, so please do this in advance of your appointment time.

You can also use the banding or African threading method. You would section your hair into much smaller sections and place hair bands around each section to stretch it out. If you’re using thread, you would just keep wrapping the thread around each section.
Another way you can stretch out your hair is by blowing it out with a blow dryer and comb attachment. You follow the same steps as above, only after sectioning your hair, you would then blow dry each section. Also, please make sure to use a heat protectant in your hair as well. The best way to blow out afro-textured hair is by using a comb attachment with your hand held dryer.

I would suggest doing a light blow dry, which is why I use the last method for stretching out my hair. It just makes sense to have your hair stretched out properly for your appointment. It makes the hair appointment much more smoother, meaning I am able to be more efficient, as it will take less time and you end up with a better result. If you’re having difficulty with the idea of stretching it out yourself and would prefer I did your blow out, I can do it for an additional fee.

If you need assistance with product selection, we can discuss all of this prior to your appointment. Please click here to view a video, which demonstrates the above.

CANCELATION POLICY: I require 48 hours’ notice for extension service cancellations or a $50 fee will be enforced. There are no exceptions.

Thank You for booking with me, and I look forward to our appointment!


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