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I was so excited to have received the Nappy Queen products from France. I must admit, I am always worrisome about sample sizes as natural hair can absorb so much product depending on the porosity of the hair and density of course. I find that my hair at times can drink up too much product. My schedule had been getting really filled up and I didn’t think I would be able to do a product review on myself due to that. When I had the time, my hair was already styled in my signature Bantu Knot style, so I couldn’t do it on myself at the time. I didn’t want any more time to pass, so I asked one of my clients if she would be interested in my trying out the product line on her, which included a free style of course! Who’s going to refuse that? So, we planned it out and decided the best way to gage the results was to do an updo, on her type 4C hair, with a twist-out in the crown area. I figured that made the most sense, as you can see how the products work with intricate styling and twist-out work as well.

Nappy Queen leaves no room for error, as their products were numbered. I had received a prepoo, cleanser, conditioner, leave-in, and serum. Doing a prepoo is great because it conditions the hair, while loosening up any buildup that may had accumulated on the scalp and hair. When I used the cleanser, I noticed there wasn’t a strong lather. I personally like to see a bit of lather. Sulfates are generally associated with lather; but it is possible to have sulfate free products that lather, so the lather component is a personal choice. Having said all that, the cleanser did a good job of cleaning the scalp and hair. The conditioner was quite good as well. The product had a good amount of slip, as did the leave-in product. The serum was quite good as well—no complaints on my end or my client’s end. I was able to work through my client’s hair quite easily, which made styling a breeze. We did a flat-twist updo with twists in the crown, which were unraveled the next morning.

The next morning came and her hair looked amazing, healthy, and slightly shiny. When we unraveled the twists in the crown there was a good amount of hold, while having retained softness. It can be hard to balance those two things in a twist-out, so these were great results. I give this line two thumbs up! Definitely worth giving a try!

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