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I walked into Shopper’s Drug Mart, one night, to buy some tampons for my next menstrual cycle. Instead of getting my usual box of tampons, the Diva Cup box suddenly lit up and I was drawn to it magically. I picked it up, along with the box of tampons and I stared at them both for a while. I put the tampons down and carefully read what the Diva Cup box had to say. To start, they let you know that there are two models to choose from, depending on your age and if you have birthed a child. I figured this was as good a time as any to try this thing out and it was on sale—a win, win.

I know I just made that sound easy, but it wasn’t. I was in that aisle for a long time. A menstrual cup seemed so foreign to me. In years past, I had gone from pads to tampons. I had been lucky in that, I never had issues with tampons; however, I know that they can be dangerous if the right absorbency isn’t used. It’s scary to think that I hadn’t given that much thought as a tampon wearer. Women are susceptible to Toxic Shock Syndrome, when using tamponsLooking back, even though I had used different absorbencies for the different days in my cycle, I was still taking a risk.

So, as I had purchased the Diva Cup a month before my next cycle, I was sure I would have gathered up enough courage to pop this thing in! The night before my cycle was supposed to kick in I start to panic. Thoughts of, “how will this really work?…am I ready for this?…why didn’t I just buy the tampons?”, all started at once. Don’t get me wrong, the directions on the box were straightforward and clear. It is explained that there are a couple of different ways to fold the silicone cup to make it small for easy insertion. They were also good about letting you know how to insert, remove, and how long you could possibly wear the cup for. Although, they had great directions, I looked to the Internet, including YouTube for answers. Talk about information overload, but that’s just what I wanted. I wanted to know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Day 1: I woke up feeling like I had graduated from the Diva Cup YouTube Information Sessions the previous night! I knew what to do and thought I would manage my expectations well…or did I? I used the ‘C’ fold that is suggested on the box and the insertion was easy – I was good to go. You can wear it up to 12 hours before needing to change it. Most people change it 2-3 times daily. I knew I had a long day ahead, so I figured I would be closer to the 12 hour mark. My first day went well. It was comfortable, and I didn’t even feel it. By the end of the night, I ended up at my friend’s house, while I was approaching that 12 hour mark, so I figured I would change it while I was there…meaning dump the contents into the toilette, wash it out, and reinsert—sounds easy, right? I couldn’t get it out! I was thrusting to push the cup out while trying to grab on to the base and I just couldn’t get it out. I didn’t panic. My plan was to try again when I got home and it did come out. I figured if I couldn’t do it myself, I would go to the hospital and have it removed, as that had been one of the horror stories I had listened to the night before. In all honesty, I believe I inserted it to high up out of nervousness and fear, thinking I would leak.

The rest of my cycle was fabulous. I had gotten the hang of inserting and removing by Day 2. I have to say it changed my life, as dramatic as that may sound. I didn’t have to worry about carrying tampons around with me, forgetting them at home or worrying about the clock as much, as the cup gave me more freedom. I recommend the Diva Cup or any menstrual cup to those looking for a safer alternative to tampons or those looking for a more economical option for their menstrual cycle. I know that there have been so many changes and advancements made to pads and tampons over the years, but imagine moving around, living your life, like your cycle isn’t happening? That feeling is priceless. So, go, do your own research and give it a try!

Please note, if you have any medical concerns or concerns regarding this product or other menstrual cups, please consult with a physician.

I also have the review on my YouTube channel as well. View it here.

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