Event Recap: Curls, Coils & Cocktails Meet Up


I attended the Curls, Coils, and Cocktails Meet Up, on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, hosted by Bee Quammie and AMC SoulAfrodisiac at Harlem Restaurant (Harlem East Location), in downtown Toronto.

As much as I enjoy going to different hair events, I enjoyed this one in a slightly different way  because I had never gone to one like this before. There were under 50 people in attendance. No one was standing, and everyone was seated at a table of four. As we entered, we sat down and made new friends with the lovely people at our table over dinner. There will always be some familiar faces, but it was nice to meet some new ones too. The intimate setting allowed for us to really interact with different people and I believe people got a lot out of the event. I don’t think that anyone had expected the conversation to go outside of hair. We discussed a plethora of topics, including, hair care, skin care, sexuality, and health & wellness. 

AS much as I enjoy participating and attending hair events, this was my third one of the week and I was tired! So, it was great to enter and be seated. The atmosphere was relaxed and there was no real pressure to be a hair guru and no one present claimed to know everything about hair, which was kind of refreshing. I had heard someone say earlier in the week that they were tired of going to the same type of hair events. The ones where we discuss issues surrounding wearing your hair in its natural state, as a Black Woman. We all know it’s complicated and complex, but if you work in the industry, you are definitely tired of the same dialogue. From time to time, I get tired of the same kind of conversation too, but if I know having that conversation will enlighten at least one person at an event, then I am all for it! At the end of the day that is what it is all about, helping other people who may not know what to do with their natural hair, require a little bit of guidance or just require some tips as to what to do next with their hair. Heck, everyone needs tips—I need tips also! I don’t claim to know everything regarding hair and I don’t think anyone else claims to either.


– Use Water Based Products as oil isn’t a real moisturizer and sits on the outer layer of the hair.

– Protective Styling is a good option for maintaining your hair during the colder months.

– Try to use Sulfate-Free products

– Shea Butter & Olive Oil are great moisturizers for the skin.

– Black Soap, Honey, and Castile Soaps are great cleansers.

– Black Caraway Seeds crushed are great for the skin also.

– Oil Cleansing: Castor Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Shea oil balances your skin!

– Coconut Oil is a great make up remover.

– Emu Oil can assist with ingrown hairs.

– Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil, Baking soda and tea tree oil makes a good mask. Be gentle though.

(Please note, these are tips from the event. I encourage you to do your own research)

While at the event, we were encouraged to Live Tweet the information that was being passed along. If you want to read more of the tips that circulated that night, please feel free to follow Bee or AMC Soulafrodisiac on Twitter. You can also search on Twitter, under “#ccandc2015”. So not only did we discuss hair and skin care, but we also discussed what we did for self-care. Some listed fitness activities that they participate in. Another person mentioned that they celebrate their birthday every single month. I may take that one up, as it sounded awesome to me—right! The night was about maintaining ourselves from the inside out and being able to share and encourage others to do the same. There were also awesome giveaways from The ROM, Dwayne Morgan for his show “When Sisters Speak”, and I offered a gift certificate.

Please do follow Bee Quammie and AMC SoulAfrodisiac to keep up to date with their future projects. Also, join their Meet Up Group to keep in the loop for the next one!

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