Broken Mirrors & Vomit


So, I wasn’t sure if I should write about this horrible morning that I had a few months ago. It was two days before Hair Talk, a hair event that I put on in November, 2014. I was up early getting ready for an appointment. Not just any appointment, but an appointment with someone I had wanted to work with for a while now. Let me explain. So, one day, while I was out running errands, I noticed a woman, with a massive amount of hair – luxurious hair! I introduced myself to her and was going to give her my card, but she had already known who I was because she had been following me on Twitter! Exciting right!? So, one day she had booked with me for a service. I thought to myself, “oh, finally, this will be so cool”. I love hair, but have a deeper appreciation for thicker hair, as there are many misconceptions surrounding working with thicker coarse hair. I happen to love it.

It was the morning of October 30, 2014, and the day had finally come, where I would be working with this client. However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about all of the last minute things that I had to do before Hair Talk. I was slightly stressed out, but not as much as I had been when I had my Back To Basics, Hair Styling Workshop in June, 2014. I had grabbed a full length mirror to check the back of my head before leaving the house, something that I had done many times before this particular morning. When I grabbed the mirror, it slipped out of my hand, broke, and shattered all over the basement floor. I couldn’t leave the mess and head over to my appointment. I also knew cleaning it up properly was going to make me extremely late. I also knew this may have jeopardized the appointment with the thick haired goddess that I wanted to work with all this time. I let her know what had happened. She was understanding, but the timing wasn’t going to work, as I didn’t know she had a time constraint and since yarn braids take longer than regular braids to do, (and she hadn’t known that) it wasn’t going to work out at all. I asked if she wanted to reschedule, and also offered a discount. She said she was interested, I gave her my availability, and she said she would let me know. I followed up with her, but she let me know that she had changed her mind about braiding her hair in general. Every now and again I think about this appointment and the broken mirror. Why did the mirror slip out of my hands that morning—of all mornings? Was it the excitement of the appointment or the stress I had taken on from planning a successful event? Who knows, perhaps it was both.

Ah, I did mention vomit at the beginning, didn’t I? So, one week after the broken mirror incident, I had another appointment on a super busy day. I had been running around all day, I hadn’t eaten, and I knew I would only have time to eat on route to my client. So, I grabbed something really quick to hold me over until the end of my appointment, at a local mall. This was something that I had done many times over. I didn’t order anything fancy, just some noodles with mixed vegetables. As I ate it, I noticed I began to feel really exhausted and I ended up sleeping part of the way to my client. By the time I got to my client, my stomach was feeling strange. I ignored it, greeted my client and did the consultation. Let me tell you—as soon as that consultation was over, I excused myself and went to the washroom, where I brought up my entire lunch. As soon, as I did that, the feeling of exhaustion was gone and I immediately felt better. Lucky for me, my client was a retired nurse and told me that there may have been bacteria present in the mixed vegetables. My client told me to take a break, before I even started, and handed me a cup of tea. I was grateful for her patience. I was glad for the break and gave her the best style ever! She loved the hair. That’s all that I had wanted by the end of it.

These two strange events happened on a Thursday. I had sworn off Thursdays after the second incident. You know, ‘they’ say things happen in 3’s, so I was actually worried about the following Thursday. The following week came and I seemed to rock right through, so Thursdays and I were friends again.

For the most part, my appointments are pretty straightforward so please don’t think you’re in for a wild appointment if you book with me. I wanted to share the couple of times, where things went wrong because it is a reflection of real life. Please feel free to share any crazy stories of yours that happened to you, while on route to work or at work below in the comments section.

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