How She Hustles Brunch – October 5, 2014


I attended the last installment of Emily Mills’, How She Hustles, networking event, on Sunday, October 5, 2014. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was worthy to be at this event…which was an odd feeling for me to have. I usually place myself high on that worthiness scale! As we all should. I always tell others that they can conquer the world. From time to time, I even send people motivational videos. I totally believe that your outputs equal your inputs. I am a firm believer that we can be anything we want, and WE are in charge of our own destiny. I was always told, that you put in the work and you shall reap the rewards and the benefits. I know I had put in the work. Actually, I have put in a lot of work and taken many risks to get to where I am now. I am still growing and learning – didn’t want to sound like a jerk there. When I heard it was the last installment of, How She Hustles, I just knew I had to be present, regardless of my feelings of unjustified unworthiness. It’s always like that though, I suppose….feelings of not being where you’d like to be and you just end up being hard on yourself. I will stop that!

I have actually done quite a bit thus far. I have studied at Humber, worked in both the private and public sector. Decided to go back to school and attended Ryerson University, and dropped out of that institution to attend the Aveda Institute, for Hair Styling – risky, right? I know. I have worked at a few salons, did some editorial work, worked on a production, and have volunteered for worthy causes. Total risk taker, right! Did all that, and still, I had this feeling of unworthiness to attend an all women’s networking event –but why? I had the idea that this event was for CEOs of major corporations or set aside for huge media moguls. I didn’t think it would have made much sense for me to go, working in a creative industry – how crazy was I being? I was a misguided soul – misguided by myself. I have had friends who have attended, How She Hustles, in the past, and told me to stop being crazy and come out. I trust my friends, so I came out! I was so glad that I did. Everyone was worthy to attend, and that was indeed the point. Emily had created an event, where everyone was welcome. The Hustlers just starting out, to the Hustlers, who have been in the game for years.

I have been to networking events before. I even attended one in Ottawa a few years ago, when I thought I would be moving out that way. I have never left a networking event feeling so juiced up! I am kind of always juiced up, but I am even more juiced up, if that makes any sense. I was honoured to be in a room filled with so many Female Hustlers. There is no one definition for the Hustler. Being a Hustler, is a state of mind, attitude, and an energy about yourself that will bring you to greatness. Being a Hustler in that room, had nothing to do with your job, career or socioeconomic status. It had everything to do with your drive, goal setting, and getting things done, while putting in the work. Everyone in that room was a Hustler. There was a woman, who had 8 children, who looked about 26 years old, in my view. Being a mom is a full time job, probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and she is responsible for 8. There was also an 80 year old woman, who was also putting in all sorts of work, on her projects – all the work! Made me think for a moment, ‘damn, I’m not doing enough’. It’s not a competition, by any means, but I was inspired by her and many, simply because I know I could be doing more. We all could be doing more if you think about it.

I had a chance to speak to people that I had met through work, and work from my past life. It was great to catch up with old friends and make those new connections. Every single person in that room, was there for a purpose, and I am certain everyone left feeling juiced up to achieve more. I know, I was!

At one point, we were all asked to write down, our ‘Words of Wisdom’ on cue cards. Emily was right; there is no one way to do something. We all have something to offer to the event. So, in a way, we all delivered a keynote message, and our cards were then placed on a wall outside of the room. I ended up writing down, a phrase that I have permanently tattooed on my body, “Strength Comes From Within.” I truly believe this. The strength we require to get something done, always has to come from inside or it may difficult to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who said, “work on your mindset daily”, but that was extremely powerful. That can be used by everyone. Imagine, if we did that, what we could achieve? Magic! We would make magic every single day!


Emily had said, “Life is measured in impact, not duration.” This explained to most of us why this was the last installment. Things don’t always have to go on forever; although, I think it’s safe to say, we will ALL miss this particular event. I have a feeling this isn’t it for her. She will most likely do events in the future, in another capacity. She just needs a bit of a break to focus on family, as she stated. We are all grateful to Emily for putting on this event. To see that many women come together, was a beautiful thing. I am glad that I came out. I will remember how I felt that day for years to come.

Just a side note – shout out to all my Naturals, in the building! Whoa! So many beautiful women in one room! (I meant EVERYONE, not just the naturals – so don’t send me any hate emails, please). Of course, I have to show you my event hair!

Gratuitous Photo Time:


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