Naturalistas, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Scissors!


A few days ago, I cut and coloured my hair and I am feeling fabulous! I cut off 1.5 – 2 inches and it made such a huge difference. First off, I want to talk about my colour. I hadn’t coloured my hair in 8 months! That is a long time for me. I generally colour every 8 – 12 weeks. I wanted it to grow out a bit and see what my hair would look like with more roots showing than usual. I enjoyed the look for a long time, but I was missing my colour. I also knew, I needed a hair cut because I could feel it. You know what I’m talking about. Your ends begin to feel drier than usual, your hair strands become friends with other hair strands and tangle up, you can start to feel that your ends may be a bit thinner than the rest of your hair, and the list continues!

People who know me are quite aware of the fact that I cut my hair regularly. Personally, I like to keep my hair at a length, where my trademark hair style (The Bantu Knots, with a Bantu Knot-Out) looks great. I also keep it at a length where, I can place huge flat twists in it, after I do a blow-out on my hair. So, those are my requirements, and I have no need to have my hair any longer than that because it allows me to do what it is I want.

Hair cuts are vital to hair health! We need trims and cuts. If you don’t cut your hair, when your hair tells you to, you may experience more breakage and other issues retaining length. Think about it for a second. I know from listening to many women, that retaining length is a big deal for you. If this is your concern, you have to make sure your hair is in a healthy state, which includes trimming those ends when needed. Now you’re most likely thinking, what does a trim have to do with retaining length? So let me set the stage for you. Your hair is growing; however, the ends are brittle and it breaks off – you aren’t retaining any of that growth. You have to be good to hair, if you want to achieve your hair goals, whatever those may be.

I really wish people would be less caught up on the length of their hair and focus on the shape of their hair instead. Your hair can be down to your waist, but if there is no shape to it, your hair may look extremely weighed down and/or boring. The focus should be on the health and shape of the hair cut, at any length. If you want your hair to sit in a certain way, it has to be cut that way first! A great hair cut could change your life. When I cut my hair this week, most of the hair that came off during the cut was in the interior to give it more shape and layers than what actually came off the perimeter. There is a lot of controversy around cutting curly hair, as stylists have different ways of achieving the same look, through different techniques. I prefer to cut hair dry and finish wet, as many of us don’t have the exact same texture all over our heads. I am not saying this is the only way to do it, but it is a good way to cut curly hair. If you’re in the market for a new cut, ask your local hair stylist if they have any experience cutting curly hair. To help them out (and you), you should provide the stylist with some inspiration photos so you’re both on the same page, for the vision. Also, do take some responsibility in finding a good hair stylist to work with, ask for a portfolio to see if their work is consistent.

Remember to treat your hair well, so that you get the results you want! If you have any questions or booking inquiries, please send me an email:

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