Let Me Tell You What My Hair Regimen Is Like!

You may be surprised by what I’m about to tell you! Here it comes…Natural hair doesn’t have to be so tricky! I know you’ve heard me say that before!

I often times get asked about my hair regimen, so I thought I would share it with you today. I keep it pretty simple and my hair has seemed to be thriving for a very long time based off of that. Depending on the hair style, I wash my hair every 7-10 days. If I am wearing my hair in its complete natural state, of afrofabulousness, then I tend to wash it more frequently and that would happen when we’re experiencing warmer weather.

As I have mentioned in another post, I am not a product junky. I tend to use the same styling products in my hair; however, I will switch out my shampoo and conditioner from time to time. I do dye my hair, so I have to make sure the shampoo that I use isn’t stripping my colour. Shampoos that generally do that are more clarifying in nature. A good way to spot a clarifying shampoo, if it doesn’t say on the label, is by looking at the colour of it. If the shampoo is clearer in nature, then it will be more clarifying than a shampoo that appears to be on the creamy side, which is going to be more moisturizing for your hair. I have been lucky in that I have found a great clarifying shampoo, Alba Botanica Gardenia Hydrating Wash, that doesn’t strip my colour. It gets my scalp and hair clean without drying out my hair. After my shampoo, I follow with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Conditioner. I have been enjoying that conditioner for a very long time now. I don’t think I could imagine my hair without it, as dramatic as that sounds, it’s the truth!

I generally wear my hair one way, and if you’re not aware of my favourite hair style then just look at my logo! I love Bantu Knots, with a Bantu Knot-Out down the center to create a Mohawk look. I have been wearing my hair like that for a long time and I absolutely love it! Don’t get me wrong, I do many other styles too, but that is my go-to style! For that particular look, I only use two styling products to create it. After my conditioner, I use IC Hair Polisher in Aloe Vera or Carrot, mixed with Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner. Once I am done styling, I use a light oil, like Apricot or Almond Oil to lubricate my scalp. I don’t use a lot of oil, as it isn’t necessary for this particular style. If I were doing an updo , extensions, two-strand twists or twist-out, then I would use a bit more oil to lubricate the hair.

I don’t always use products that are 100% natural all of the time, and I always inform my clients of same. If my clients want to use natural products, we do. I also cut my hair quite regularly, as I am not trying to grow my hair down to my waist at present. If my hair needs a cut, I cut it without any hesitation. There are no hard and fast rules for trims and cuts, but typically you want to monitor your hair every 8 weeks, to see if there are any split ends or if your hair needs reshaping. I am actually due for a cut now and will most likely take off no more than two inches. I prefer to keep my hair at a length that keeps my signature style looking fresh, and will still be at a certain length for other styles. So for now, my preference is having it no longer than shoulder length if possible once it has been stretched out or straightened, which I do from time to time. If I find my hair is becoming dry, which tends to happen in the colder months, I will do more pre-poos and conditioning treatments then. Again, there are no hard and fast rules for treatments either, you just really have to monitor your hair to see what it needs. If your hair goals aren’t going the way you would like, I would suggest speaking to your local hair stylist or you can also turn to YouTube for some ideas too—again, just make sure the YouTuber is knowledgeable of natural hair.

Most of these products mentioned above, can be purchased at your local health store in your area (hopefully). In Toronto, I buy mine from Essence of Life, located in Kensington Market.

Well! There you have it, my secrets are out! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at, HairByGlenna@gmail.com

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