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Hold on to your hats…I think I may have found the best head wrap on the planet…well, I don’t know about all that…but what I do know is that this head wrap I am about to introduce you to (well, you may already know about it) is up there in the best head wrap rankings if such a thing exists. I received this head wrap in a goody bag from Toni Daley’s event in February, that came from her Support A Sista Campaign. I know…now you’re wondering what I am talking about… I will bring it back for you just in case you weren’t there…

Toni Daley started a blog entitled, She started the blog after she had a horrible encounter with an ignorant vendor,, who claimed that African’s don’t have a good hair texture and that virgin hair would be a better option for us, as it’s tangle free etc. Yikes! So, the blog was started up in February. It is a blog dedicated to Black owned businesses. This is a great idea. Why not support small businesses, instead of always blindly giving our money away to large corporations.

Her event took place at The Real Jerk, and it was a night filled with great company, food, karaoke, and goodies! Every attendee left with a goody bag filled with Toni’s earrings, hair products, and the fabulous head wrap that had led me to write.

Check out the good time had:

I have used many types of head wraps to secure my hairstyles depending on the style and so very happy to have been introduced to this one! This head wrap is awesome because it keeps the moisture in your hair quite well. It has an opening at both ends and keeps your style in place, while keeping the moisture in. You don’t have to worry about this head wrap coming off your head. It stays in place, while not being tight, so no headaches with this one. I also find this head wrap great especially if you wear your hair out in twist-out type styles, as you don’t have to worry about making your hair frizzy. I would still suggest doing large twists or some kind of pineapple before placing it on if you’re wearing a twist-out, braid-out or Bantu Knot-out…but if for some reason you’re too tired to do that and just place this wrap on before bed, your hair shouldn’t be too frizzy. The head wrap also has multiple uses, as you can see in the Photo, you can wear yours as part of a style. I really like my head wrap and think you should give it a try.

For head wrap styling ideas, please check out Toni’s video!

You can purchase yours at,

Sometimes, Good Can Come From Bad Experiences!

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  1. I’d seen Toni demonstrate these on her blog – but at the time didn’t see a pattern I liked. I’m a ‘plain jane’. But just checked her website and it looks like there is a black one and since I just re-connected with my ‘fro today… I’m going to need some wraps for styling, so I’m to order one. Thanks 🙂

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