YouTubers/Hair Vloggers vs. Hair Stylists

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No one wants to talk about this, but there is a big difference between the YouTuber/Hair Vlogger and Hair Stylists. Both are useful to the natural hair community and both are necessary.

Hair Vloggers, who are Natural Hair Enthusiasts can be quite helpful, as they generally try out many products online and you’re able to see the results. If you’re smart, you try to follow someone who has your curl type and density, so you have a good idea as to what products may work best on your hair. Hair Vloggers are also great because you don’t feel so alone in your natural hair journey, especially if no one in your circle has natural hair. There are many Hair Vloggers out there to pick and choose from, so make sure to follow the right ones! How will you know this, you ask…Well, there are no hard and fast rules, but just remember if they are able to verbalize well what their intention is beforehand and then you able to see those results, then they may be on to something — same goes for Hair Stylists. The Hair Vlogger should always have some direction and get there in the end. Hair Vloggers in general are great to turn to for some product selection and styling ideas and tips. I wouldn’t recommend them for tips on chemical treatments, like colour for instance. Colour is complicated, and you have to know your colour wheel well, so you have a good understanding as to how it works, i.e. what colours neutralize each other, etc. Colour isn’t as easy as many people think and often times people cause more damage to their hair doing it themselves instead of going to a professional. Just remember when watching the Hair Vloggers, that they do have some insight into specific areas, but they have not been to hair school.

Hair Stylists, are trained in the area of hair. We understand the hair structure and how it works. We have also invested thousands of dollars and time into our career and have been taught by seasoned professionals in the industry. We also have a vested interest making sure that the health of your hair stays at an optimum level so that you are always happy with your hair. Most Hair Stylists get into the industry because we want to make an impact into your lives. It isn’t just hair! Hair is a major part of our identity. It is the first thing people see when they look at you – well, your head is, but you know what I mean. So, not only do we understand hair structure, but we also know how hair products work and what each will do. We don’t know everything there is to know about hair, but we are far ahead in the game! We also get an opportunity to work with many curl types and densities through our work/clients, so we have a good grasp on what products and styles to do. We also offer advice to our clients for home maintenance so that the hair is cared for outside of client visits. We have a big responsibility to ensure that we advise you on what will work best for you. We love our clients and enjoy seeing you all, but no stylist wants their clients totally dependent on them. Most stylists don’t get into the industry for the money—it’s to make an impact. It’s hard for me to describe the feeling I get when a client loves their new hair done by me. Yes, a small part of that is ego, but the other 90% is seeing how happy they are. And there is a slight change in the client’s step too, after a hair appointment and that’s what it’s about in all honesty.

So after all of this, what am I trying to tell you here? I hope what you got from me is that there is room for both the Hair Vlogger/Natural Hair Enthusiast and the Hair Stylist in the natural hair community. Please feel free to lean on us, as we all have something different to offer you!

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