Eco-Friendly Event: March 28 – 30, 2014

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So, I just got back from attending an Eco-Friendly event, in Leslieville. This three-day weekend event are for those who are eco-conscious and/or for those looking for alternative ways to shop that will help the environment. I had a great time today. As I entered, I was greeted by Debbie of Vintage Vibes and Dion of Butterfly Treasure Chest, the event creators.

While there, I got a chance to meet a variety of vendors. Antoinette Bolden, of Discretion Fragrances For The Home, produces an array of sprays for the home and body. She also specializes in making custom fragrances as well as gift packages for events; such as, weddings. At present, I am enjoying her Floral Musk and Lavender Fields fragrances. I don’t generally wear perfume, as I am a bit scent sensitive. I usually wear an oil instead. I was pleased by her scents, as they smelled great and didn’t irritate my nose or skin. I also met Madonna Bell, a local artist, who has an incredible story to tell the world about how she got started with her paintings. She is very passionate and you can see that through her work. There will be many vendors over the weekend and workshops taking place. For more information, please visit

“A percentage of the proceeds from this event will be contributed to the Rites of Passage, an initiative for youth. Rites of Passage helps young people find their purpose in life, contribute positively to their community and find the resiliency to navigate their turbulent lives.”

Come on down to 1558 Queen Street East, just West of Coxwell, on the North side.

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